YabbleBabble was officially sold on August 9, 2007. You can no longer purchase any of the products on this website through YabbleBabble, but most product pages contain links to the artist's current website. If you find a product that interests you, simply follow the link and purchase the product on the artist's new website. For more information on the sale of YabbleBabble, view this press release.

This website is now part of Todd Sullivan's research projects, resume, and multimedia portfolio.
The Privacy Policy of YabbleBabble for buying and selling arts and crafts on this site.


YabbleBabble Privacy Policy

What information we automatically collect and what we do with it.

As a service from our host, we collect raw data about each visitor to our web site. The information we collect is the type of operating system, the browser used, the domain each visitor came from, and the specific pages that each visitor visits. None of this information is given to third parties. We simply use the information to determine what operating system, browser, domains, and pages are the most popular with our visitor base.

What information we leave on your computer.

Each visitor to our web site has a unique session ID. This session ID is saved on the visitor's computer in the form of a cookie. Our server uses your session ID to keep track of your shopping cart and what account you are logged in under. This is why if your settings do not allow cookies, you will not be able to log in or keep track of your shopping cart.

What we do with the information given to us when you purchase items.

The information given to us by you when you purchase items is not given to any third parties. The information is used to process your order and deliver it to the correct address. Your credit card information is never kept on file. Your credit card is charged the amount of the purchase. It is then immediately removed from our system. We do keep your name, e-mail address, and home address within our system so we can properly handle orders and any requests about past orders from our customers.

Seller's Program Privacy.

If you have joined the Seller's Program, there are a couple additions to this Privacy Policy. If you are in the Seller's Program, your activity on the Seller's Program web site is monitored. We keep track of the information that you input into our system and the information that you recieve from our system. In addition to the information on this page, you are also bound by the Seller's Program User Agreement.



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