YabbleBabble was officially sold on August 9, 2007. You can no longer purchase any of the products on this website through YabbleBabble, but most product pages contain links to the artist's current website. If you find a product that interests you, simply follow the link and purchase the product on the artist's new website. For more information on the sale of YabbleBabble, view this press release.

This website is now part of Todd Sullivan's research projects, resume, and multimedia portfolio.
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About the YabbleBabble Seller's Program

As a crafter myself, I know it takes hours of hard work to create quality handmade products. When it takes such skill and such a long time to create quality handmade products, it can be quite difficult to figure out how to get your products out on the market and sell them. This web site was created to solve that problem. With YabbleBabble you get to do what you love to do - make quality handmade products - and we do all of the heavy web site work and marketing. You make your products and we get you the audience that wants to buy your products.

Benefits of selling your crafts through the YabbleBabble Seller's Program

We handle all of the web site work and marketing.

You don't need to learn any programming to sell things on the internet. With the YabbleBabble Seller's Program you get to make all of your fine products and leave all of the web site work to us. After all, we are professionals. You couldn't leave the web site work and marketing in any better hands.

YabbleBabble is indexed by all of the major search engines.

Not only is YabbleBabble indexed by all of the major search engines, but we also show up in the top 10 in many often used searches. We have designed our web site specifically to draw the kind of people that want to buy your products. We never stop working and are continuously increasing the amount of unique visitors that visit our site each month.

How it works.

  1. Sign up for the YabbleBabble Seller's Program. We will review your submission within a few days and contact you about your acceptance or denial into the program.

  2. Login to our administration center and start adding your items to our web site.

  3. Visitors to our web site purchase one or more of your items.

  4. We contact you with the customer's shipping information and deduct an amount from the total in accordance with our Fees Policy.

  5. You manage the order using our Order Management System and ship the item(s) to the customer's address.

  6. Each month we mail you a check that is the balance in your account if your account has 100 U.S. Dollars or more in it. If you would like a check mailed to you and your account does not have 100 U.S. Dollars or more in it, we will mail it to you and charge 3 U.S. Dollars for processing and handling fees.

The Administration Center

The Administration Center is the convenient way that you manage your account, items, and orders. You can also discuss updates, crafting tips, and selling tips with YabbleBabble and other sellers. It is designed to be straight forward and easy to use. When you sign up you will receive a special Getting Started Guide that will walk you through all of the features that are available to you.

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