YabbleBabble was officially sold on August 9, 2007. You can no longer purchase any of the products on this website through YabbleBabble, but most product pages contain links to the artist's current website. If you find a product that interests you, simply follow the link and purchase the product on the artist's new website. For more information on the sale of YabbleBabble, view this press release.

This website is now part of Todd Sullivan's research projects, resume, and multimedia portfolio.
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About Our Valuable Links

We no longer run a link exchange program. Instead, we have removed all websites that were previous in our link exchange program and only placed websites that our visitor base benefits from. If you believe that our visitors would benefit from your website, please use our contact form.

We no longer run a link exchange program because we believe that link exchanges are counterproductive for the internet. The purpose of links is to give visitors access to valuable websites that are of interest to them. Link exchanges do not do this because they result in linking to anyone and everyone in an attempt to increase search engine rankings.

This does not mean that we are against linking to other websites. If you find our website to be useful for your visitors, please link to us. Please feel free to inform us of your links as well. If we see your website and believe that your website will be a valuable resource for our visitors then we will link to you. This is how we believe linking should work. Links to other websites should be for the benefit of your visitors, not for search engine rankings.



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