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Buy handmade Textured Reddish Brown Coffee Wallet of type Clothing Accessories > Wallets of theme Fashion of material Leather made by Norma Gustafson


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Textured Reddish Brown Coffee Wallet

Textured Reddish Brown Coffee Wallet

Price: $12.50

Amount Available: 1

To purchase this product, view Norma Gustafson's about page and see if Norma Gustafson is selling products online.

Coffee lovers unite.......here's a wallet just for you!!!

However this listing is for the Wallet only - Sorry :-( but you have to supply your own coffee money and my sweet little elephant is part of my private elephant collection and is not included.

This wallet was inspired by my daughter who loves, loves, loves coffee. She actually needs a wallet just for her coffee money%u2026%u2026%u2026What will you use this 6 ¾%u201D x 3 ¼%u201D wallet for or who you can gift it to?

I made this sweet wallet using a commercial grade of textured leathette fabric which I purchased from an upscale upholstery store in Mission Viejo, California. It has such a wonderful woven texture that is soft and pliable but certainly not limp.

I finished it with a fun coffee print lining and a heavy duty silver snap.

I design and create all my items. All products are from my smoke free, pet hair free, fragrance free loft.

This item was created by Norma Gustafson.



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