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Buy handmade Raspberry Lemonade Polish 8oz Organic Sugar Scrub of type Bath and Body of theme Food of material Various Materials made by SweetSpice


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Raspberry Lemonade Polish 8oz Organic Sugar Scrub

Price: $12.00

Amount Available: 5

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Plump juicy raspberries ripened by the summer sun. Pure sweetness, pure fun! Combined with the crisp citrus accents of lemon. Bring back those childhood memories of your first lemonade stand...

If it's good enough to eat, it might just be what your skin is craving, too. These foods nourish you both inside and out because they are ripe with antioxidants and a range of vitamins and minerals. They also help the process of detoxification begin, and their delicious aromas have a positive effect on mood. Go ahead : feed your skin - and your senses!

This is not the oily mess you are use to getting, rather it is a light, soft scrub that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated.


Everything we use can be pronounced! You get 8 oz. of yummy!

Ingredients : All scrubs are handcrafted with sugar in an all natural soap base, mixed with a variety of certified organic oils that vary in each scrub (if you have ANY allergies, please convo me BEFORE you order), dried herbs (grown in my backyard greenhouse so there are no pesticides or chemicals on them), dried fruit seeds & essential oil blends.

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