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Buy handmade Origami Waterbird Mobile of type Ornaments of theme Nature > Plants of material Paper made by Dragon in Knots


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Origami Waterbird Mobile

Price: $31.00

Amount Available: 1

To purchase this product, view Dragon in Knots's about page and see if Dragon in Knots is selling products online.

Hang this mobile from a ceiling hook to add colorful decor to any room! (See last picture to view entire mobile.)

Made with tigertail wire and 9 origami waterbirds made with floral paper in orange, pink, and green. (The second picture shows the pattern on the paper.)

This mobile is made with three strands of wire. Each strand has 3 waterbirds of the same color. The strand are vertically staggered a few inches apart.

Waterbirds are approximately 3" tall [7.6 cm]. Entire mobile is approximately 29" long [73.7 cm].

As this item is made with paper, keep it away from moisture and flame. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause fading.

If you do not have a ceiling hook, you should be able to purchase a one from a hardware store or a multi-purpose store, such as Target. There are small ones available that can be easily installed without tools.

This item was created by Dragon in Knots.



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