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Buy handmade Kaftan iPod Video Case of type Other of theme Special Occasions of material Leather made by Elif Bas


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Kaftan iPod Video Case

Kaftan iPod Video Case

Price: $12.95

Amount Available: 2

To purchase this product, view Elif Bas's about page and see if Elif Bas is selling products online.

Kaftan cases are unique in design and craftsmanship of Turkish rug making as practiced for thousands of years.

Kaftan's contemporary creative design securely wraps your ipod in globally inspired rich colors and ancient patterns.

Every piece of our cases are exquisitely crafted by hand. Only machine is used in order to sew assembled pieces for durability and firmness.

Inspire yourself and indulge your iPod in Kaftan's luscious royal robe!

-Real woven rug case.

-Soft woven fabric case protects your iPod from scratches, nicks, wear and tear.

-Clean, stream lined design.

Fits First Edition 30GB iPod Videos

This item was created by Elif Bas.



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