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Buy handmade Crocheted Egg Purse of type Clothing Accessories > Purses of theme Food of material Yarn made by Dragon in Knots


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Crocheted Egg Purse

Price: $38.00

Amount Available: 1

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To buy this fabulous purse, of course!

A soft crocheted egg purse made with the artist's own pattern. Each side of the purse shows the yolk surrounded by whites. Inside, there is an extra yolk stitched in as a pocket. The shoulder strap is also crocheted and stitched onto the sides of the purse.

Great for children and adults who have not forgotten that they were once children!

Made with soft acrylic yarn.


Purse: 6.5" wide

8.5" tall

Strap: 39"

Pocket: 4.5" in diameter

Handwash and lay flat to dry when needed.

This item was created by Dragon in Knots.



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