YabbleBabble was officially sold on August 9, 2007. You can no longer purchase any of the products on this website through YabbleBabble, but most product pages contain links to the artist's current website. If you find a product that interests you, simply follow the link and purchase the product on the artist's new website. For more information on the sale of YabbleBabble, view this press release.

This website is now part of Todd Sullivan's research projects, resume, and multimedia portfolio.
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Bandita By Design

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. True origami uses one square sheet of paper and uses neither glue nor scissors. My cube earrings uses 12 sheets, and I use glue and cutting for assistance in putting it together (kind of difficult using small sheets). Either case, it's important to know that my crafts are made of paper and need to be treated as such. Each piece is sprayed with an acrylic sealer, but still requires due care. Not made for rainy days or sleeping!

I have many other patterns, including solid colors. Upon request, I can make a customized pattern/color (including color of beads) for most of my items. Regretfully, I can't offer that for the earring cubes (until I get a break from school). Cubes take a lot of time. I also can make many other animal figurines about the same size (I personally think that the crane is the most elegant). Just ask, and I'll make a basic one in plain paper to see if you like it. If so, I'll then use the nice paper and make them into earrings or necklaces.

For the Glow-in-the-Darks, I have pink, yellow, blue, and white.

I've always enjoyed origami, ever since I was a little kid. But these days, it's hard to find time with full-time work and school. It wasn't until recent that I got back into it. I was on a business trip when I found the origami crane earrings for sale at an airport for $18. At first, I thought that was outrageous, knowing that I could make it myself. When I came home, I searched online and found similar ones for that price and up. Then I made my own and realized how time-consuming it was and how costly the pattern paper can be. But at the same, very relaxing, which is why I'd like to make time to continue doing this.

And, I don't mean to sound like I'm boasting, but I actually like mine better then the ones I saw in the store! I added beads to mine, which in my opinion gives an extra special touch. The only thing they have that I don't is the fancy earring cards for display, which I found to be costly. So to keep my prices lower, I'm going with the not-so-fancy version (I figure most people just throw them away anyway --- I know I do). I'm open to comments and suggestions. You can email me at bandita@hotmail.com.



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